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I am so excited to share with you the music philosophies and techniques I've acquired over the years as an artist and a platinum-award selling producer. 


Topic-specific masterclasses presented by Garrett Kato

19 modules delivered straight to your inbox, so you can learn at your own pace

Aspiring song-writers and independent artists, from beginner to intermediate

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Skill Levels


Part One - a more philosophical look at songwriting methods and techniques that can help you write faster and more confidently. It's based on my learnings from time I've spent both writing and producing songs, seeing what often works and what doesn't. 

Part Two - a more technical look at music production. There are endless ways to mix and produce a song, but it's often knowing what to use at the right time when the magic really happens. I'll take you through all the tricks and methods I've found useful over the years of producing and mixing, including delving into more complex processing and fx's. 

Course Outline

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